Interweaving Massage & Energy Medicine

Benefits of a Holistic Massage


Have you ever wondered what’s it’s like to experience a Holistic Massage?

Did you know, The word “holistic” comes from the Greek word “holos” which means whole. The aim of holistic massage is to account for the whole person and not just the physical symptoms or problems that they may be experiencing. In this way, holistic massage focuses on mental, behavioural , emotional, nutritional, social, and environmental characteristics in ones life. Holistic massage treats each person according to their individual needs so that the body can restore its natural balance.

Holistic massages uses touch, movement and energy in the therapy. It may also use relaxation, breathing techniques, calming music, essential oils and other methods along with the massage itself. Bringing increased benefits of;

Increased energy, Improving concentration 

Reducing Stress & Anxiety or Phobias 

Relieving muscle tension/stiffness  Improving posture

Improving mobility & flexibility, Better circulation 

More efficient breathing, Strengthening the immune system

Balancing the digestive system, Improved sleep

Helps to remove heavy metals, lactic acid, & toxins 

Supports the Lymphatic System

Deep Relaxation, Improved self esteem

Releasing endorphins, Decreasing high blood pressure 

Relieving eye strain, headaches, & migraines.

What to expect from a Holistic Massage

Each massage lasts for around one hour and a half and is performed over the whole body. 

While a whole body massage is performed, sometimes a focus area will be agreed upon between the client and the practitioner as part of the treatment set ( if a specific area of your body is causing you concern or problem, for example).

The first session will usually take longer because  of the detailed history taken beforehand. After the massage, the therapist may suggest or advise recommendations to you on other things that you can do to help maintain your body’s natural balance.

This could be through things such as movement with Yoga, Nutritional changes, a change in your environment, and so on.

Often the practitioner will give you some gentle stretches to do, or some gentle excercises that you can perform,  including tips for improving and maintaining the treatment given by the practitioner. 

This means that you have some control and assume responsibility for improving the state of your health and well being.

Why choose Holistic Massage?

Massage in general has a fantastic range of health benefits, however;  holistic massage in particular is capable of creating a significant improvement in your whole body because of its all encompassing approach, Some forms of massage while still being beneficial are carried out solely by the practitioner with a set technique routine of strokes.

Holistic massage also gives you some tools in managing and maintaining the state of your own health, such as the correct nutrition, and helping find which environment you function best in ( stress management and so forth). If these tools are used appropriately, you can extend the benefits of your actual massage for a longer period of time, making holistic massage perfect as not only a treatment tool but a preventative tool. Think of holistic massage as a way of reaching your optimum health potential.

Holistic Modalities that compliment massage

Acupressure Point                     Meditation 

Castor packs                                Nutritional counsel 

Deep Breathing exercises         Emotional Freedom Technique 

Journaling                                     Reiki  - Tai Chi - Yoga (movement)