Interweaving Massage & Energy Medicine

About Me

Greetings Everyone,                                                                  

Allow,  Yvonne to share her healing talents, as a holistic wellness professional since 1994. A Tucson, AZ native and trail blazer of curanderismo - ( It is the art of Healing)
She has learned in her own life’s experiences in figuring it out healing  oneself. It has made her realize one is already capable and spiritually certified to heal directly from the Divine source within for Energy is the Medicine. Her passion for the Art of healing by the Grace of God, has led her to dive deeper into Spirit- Mind - Body healing.

Her many hats &  tool box kit offers:

Energy Practitioner- Touch for Health (Kinesiology), EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) also known as Tapping. Metaphysical Counsellor, Teacher in Spiritual Development, Spiritual Empowerment, Plant - Based Nutritionist and wellness coach from the HHI (Hippocrates Health Institute ) & incorporating movement (5 min. energy routine) breathing  mind -body meditation techniques. 
Yvonne specialises in working with the subconscious mind to uncover the underlying cause of blockage and or dis-ease.
Offering a highly individualised service to guide clients to live consciously, awaken their potential and discover their purpose. 
Yvonne’s passion is helping you to achieve inner peace, and clarity by discovering your unique truth and working towards your highest spiritual empowerment. Her personal belief is that everything we create in our life comes back to our attitudes, beliefs and habitual behavior patterns. 

Yvonne’s channeling of healing energy from its spiritual source to someone who needs it is called spiritual healing. Her healing energy comes through the healer from a higher source and not directly from her who is only the facilitator. 

Her goal is for her clients to recognize they to create vibrant, dynamic purpose-driven stress free lives.


Did you know: a Sobadora is the Spanish word for the French word Masseuse.

The root word for curandera is curar, meaning "to heal." • Sobador or Sobadora  is one who uses the power of energy & touch to heal with her hands giving healing massages.

For a complete educational background and approach to Stress Management, Chronic Pain Relief therapy, simply give me a call or send me an email, or connect with me on "Contact me".

 Rev. Yvonne Aramburo              

           “ When we stop doubting, and start            
            believing in our new life, we         
             start behaving as if it’s possible
             and we ultimately become it.”

              (Dr Joe Dispenza)