Interweaving Massage & Energy Medicine



Welcome to Utopia Therapeutic II, where healing begins and positive energy flows!

Discover the rejuvenating power of holistic healing at its finest. Utopia’s diverse range of modalities include gentle Energy Medicine and Therapeutic Touch. This goes beyond traditional massage practices to provide you with a truly holistic experience. 

Wondering what it's like to feel the benefits of a natural holistic touch? Come Step into a world where well- being takes center and your journey to wellness begins.

At Utopia Therapeutic II, you will be greeted with a smile by Yvonne Aramburo. Your dedicated and compassionate intuitive healer brings over 28 years of expertise to guide you on a journey towards wellness. She believes in the Godliness life force energy residing within the body, as energy wants to flow and move throughout. This can be used  as medicine to promote healing within.

Utopia Therapeutic II, offers a diverse range of body treatments from lymphatic/oncology support, infra-red light therapy, and myofascial muscle therapy, plant-based nutrition, and overall wellness. Each session is unique to each individual providing their own experiences. See these services listed comprehensively on our website. 

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Thank you for prioritising  your health and choosing Utopia Therapeutics ll. Providing you natural medicine for the soul since 1994.